I create modern visual concepts using a broad set of tools including sketching, design, animation and code. I often collaborate with other developers and creatives to add production depth and value to projects.

Previously I was an art director in both small or global ad agencies, working across print, tv and digital. Before making the switch to full time freelancing, I spent some time building custom townies or italian vintage race bikes as Spiță.

I also am a passionate photographer, and have explored both sides of the commercial and art worlds. You can find some of my work on Other. Currently based in Amsterdam, working worldwide.

Fake Flag


Fakeflag.net is a digital flag creator. Exploring the World’s flags symbols, the user investigates notions of national identity, multiculturalism and globalisation. This project was made in collaboration with Verde


Accessible flag swatches, a canvas and a layer palette.

40.000 unique flags created by users with fakeflag.net

Mix elements into new flags. Share your creations.