Mircea Mocanu

Freelance Digital Designer and Art Director

This is a fake flag creator – a digital experiment that gives users the chance to investigate notions of national identity, multiculturalism and globalization. Exploring the World’s flags and symbols, you can create and share your own fake flag. Project developed together with studio Verde.


Art Direction

Fake Flag

More than 50.000 custom flags created by users, unique visual pieces

Search and add flags to your board, play with the shapes and share your creation


I’m a multi-disciplinary designer creating digital experiences and identities. My focus is to deliver distinctive work, aware of new and simple forms. I illustrate concepts through interactive and still images, helping clients to shape integrated solutions for their brands. Always aiming to craft elegant solutions and build websites pairing with your style. My strength as an all-rounder is to lead projects and turn your strategic thought into a well defined visual world. Using my experience of more than 10 years across music, apparel, arts & culture, I help brands finding beautiful ways of creating engaging content.

Previously I was a Senior Art Director in ad agencies, working in a fast paced rhythm in independent or multi-national environments. After that I became a freelancer and helped brands articulate their voices, guiding them towards new directions. I worked as a team of one or collaborating with other specialists – developers, copywriters, motion designers. With a rich photo/video expertise, I love art directing productions or even create my own assets. From research to execution, I can sketch ideas, make engaging presentations, prototype and follow projects to delivery. I can design your identity, work in a straight-forward way, finding efficient routes to craft your brand and build your website.

Some of my work has been featured on SiteInspire, KlikkenthekeSites We Like, HoverStates, Httpster. Currently based in Amsterdam, I’m open for onsite or remote work. Would be great to hear from you, discussing the possibility of working together and see if we click. Say Hi – mircea@other.ro