Mircea Mocanu


This is a fake flag creator. A digital experiment that gives users the chance to investigate notions of national identity, multiculturalism and globalization. Exploring the World’s flags and symbols, you can create and share your own fake flag. I developed the concept and together with studio Verde we designed an engaging interactive experience.


Art Direction

Fake Flag

50.000 custom flags created by users, amazing and many times unexpected visual pieces

Search and add flags to your board, play with the shapes and share your creation

– Art

I enjoy creating digital experiences and identities through interactive and static images. Combining design, code, animation I help inspiring brands to shape visual communication.

Fascinated by photography, I explore both staged and spontaneous directions. You can find some of my work on Other together with the archive work. Besides design, I love bikes and had a great time making custom pieces as Spiță. Always keen to learn new things, to experiment, improve and exchange.

My focus is to deliver distinctive work, aware of new and simple forms. I’m available to collaborate and take on new projects. Say Hi at mircea@other.ro